Menopause is a significant part of life for millions of people.

LIFE@MENOPAUSE program is a support program led by menopeers who have experienced menopause for menopausal women that aims to create a caring environment for individuals to learn from each other.   



The life@menopause program will provide individuals who are in any phase of menopause (peri/post) in every community with emotional support and a caring environment.


The menopause transition can be swift and painless, or it can last for years as the brain and body adjust to the changes.

Menopeers use their lived experience to connect with the women they work with and exemplify that there is hope and that we can adapt to the changes.


Menopeers can empathize with menopausal women through a shared understanding.

Menopeers can draw on their own experience to relate even when the experience is not precisely the same.


Menopeers support in identifying and validating their goals.

They affirm a peer's goals by assisting them in exploring their current situation, creating a wellness plan, and developing action steps.


Menopeers recognize that each woman experiencing menopause has a unique set of strengths, needs, and experiences.

Menopeers rely on their relationship-building abilities to learn more about the needs of their peers. This acts as a "bridge" to help menopausal women connect with new resources, supports and health professionals.


Menopeers help their peers feel less isolated by reminding them that other menopausal women are going through similar struggles.

Menopeers share their own experiences, validating the menopausal experience and providing a common understanding.